Humility Is An Underrated Strength

Credit: Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

Humility is an underrated virtue because very few understand what it really is.

This virtue/trait is often mistaken for weakness, shyness, submissiveness and fear — an obstacle to progress and success.

But humility is truth. Humility isn’t just acknowledging our imperfections but also knowing and using our strengths.

Humility recognises reality.

Humility is neither the pessimist or the optimist — it is the realist.

Growing in humility is difficult.

It takes a lot more strength to admit we are wrong, than to keep proving that we are right in an argument.

It is hard to be vulnerable to someone and admit that we have flaws to work on.

Someone who has the ability to control their anger and frustration has a lot more humility than someone who lets their emotions take over.

Humility is deceiving in the sense that it takes a lot more will power to practice than we imagine.

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